Our Story

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Shanti Kitchen was founded in 2017 by Emilía Rún, with a suspicion that there was something missing from the current culinary landscape in Los Angeles. With her interest in functional medicine, Emilía dreamt of bringing healthy, non-inflammatory culinary experiences to those wishing to enjoy formal dining without compromise to their health. We combined our food philosophy with our team’s passion for crafting unique experiences, to form the ultimate health-forward catering service.

With a specialty in plant-based cuisine from her years in the restaurant industry, Emilía worked persistently to create the most decadent raw cakes that she could dream of - all while paying detailed attention to the ingredients she used. Today, Shanti Kitchen’s raw cakes are fully organic, sprouted and low in natural sugars - sweetened only with raw coconut nectar and pure organic stevia.

Emilía teaching in Napa Valley, California.

Emilía teaching in Napa Valley, California.


Our Philosophy

We believe in eating in such a way that prevents metabolic disease and keeps inflammation low. This translate to plant-rich meals with high-quality fats, and natural sugars as a condiment.

Our produce is 100% organic, often biodynamic, and majority locally grown.

We only use raw coconut nectar, raw local honey and occasional seasonal fruit to brighten up a dish. We sweeten with pure organic stevia whenever we can.

We only cook in extra virgin avocado and coconut oil, and do not heat our extra virgin olive oil to prevent oxidation.

We limit grains and legumes, and when we do prepare them, we sprout or ferment to ease digestion.


"Shanti Kitchen’s food at RUNGA is always a highlight for our clients. We are the only wellness experience bringing this level of detail to everything we serve — including the desserts. Emilía has enabled us to do that.”

/  joe distefano, founder of runga  /



With our vision of improving the current culinary landscape, we are passionate about education and empowerment. It’s our pleasure to bring our classes to clients and conferences all over the US, understanding that education is only half of the battle. Our classes are focused on fun, attainable techniques for everyday plant-rich cooking to build confidence and empower. Participants tap into their own creative energy and learn to trust their gut, easing the process of gourmet plant-rich cooking in their own homes.

Emilía is also available for speaking and corporate seminars. Presentations and classes can always be designed for different skill levels and to suit particular themes.